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"What you put on your body is just as
important as what you put in it!"
Our Story

While working in the cleaning industry for over 30 years I exposed myself to toxic chemicals on a daily basis, all of which had an impact on both my skin and my general health. I began looking for "natural" skin and wellbeing products however they all seemed to contain additives or other chemicals. Eventually I decided that making my own products would allow me to include everything that I wanted without any of the hidden extras. When I began gifting them to family and friends, many asked why I wasn’t selling them, they liked them so much.

NOTHING BUT NATURE was born with products you can trust!

Mary-Anne Bennett

Kimberley, 51

OMG! How awesome is the Magnesium Muscle Soak! I  am on my third bag now, and I just love the smell of the Sandalwood. What a great way to relax after a workout or HIT session at the gym. My muscles recover so much faster after a soak in the bath. I also bought the Magnesium Muscle Rub, which I rub on my muscles before I go to the gym or after a long run. I just love that they are all natural and I don’t have to worry about putting anything toxic on my skin. Thanks!

Erica, 68

My massage therapist recommended I buy some Magnesium to put in my bath to help with my back pain. A friend recommended your products to me, so I bought some of the Magnesium Bath Flakes. I have been using them in my weekly bath for the last couple of months and they really help reduce the pain in my back. I have discovered that the Magnesium has the added bonus of helping me sleep on the nights that I have my soak in the bath. Thanks so much. I have now purchased some of your Magnesium Bath Soak and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

Kate, 24- Citrus WOW!

I recently purchased a Citrus Splash purefume for my mother as a birthday present. She doesn’t usually buy perfume due to them being artificial. She loved that the purefume was all natural and smelled fantastic. I have now purchased one for myself.

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